how to make black onion


The onion is known as the queen of vegetables, has an obvious effect on the blood, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood fat, lowering blood sugar, but only eat onions are difficult to achieve clear blood, blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, mainly due to the onion irritation, eat the stomach to bear, onion drop as long as three components exist in the skin and roots, usually edible method is difficult to use, the loss of nutrition in the onion onion after heating, some useful ingredients can not be absorbed by human body.
But the onion juice after fermentation and extraction can achieve very good blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and even the effect of the treatment of cold, the treatment of osteoporosis. Why?
Because the onion after 30 days of fermentation, you can remove spicy stimulation, anyone can rest assured that eating
The process of biological fermentation can effectively convert the beneficial components of onion peel and root into the components that can be absorbed by human body.
Nutrition, dozens of times higher
The color of the fermented onion becomes black, so it is called black onion, and the black onion is not easy to be eaten directly.
1, fresh onion root cleaning,
2, put the fresh onion in the fermentation equipment, according to the specific humidity and temperature fermentation 30 days or so, the formation of black onion
3, after the onion out, for disinfection and packaging